Safe operations and advanced search and rescue advice

MetOcean Solutions' advanced modelling and forecasting can help ensure safe operations in the marine and surf zone environment. Our SurfZoneView tool provides a platform for the planning of safe amphibious landing and nearshore operations. Our advanced oceanic tracking models provide vital location advice for Search and Rescue operations at sea.


Standalone tool to support naval amphibious and nearshore operations

Designed in partnership with New Zealand Defence Force, SurfZoneView is based on state-of-the-art numerical models which provide highly accurate information for any coastal location, allowing users to plan coastal operations. The software clearly maps the nearshore conditions and has risk management tools to assist operational decision making. SurfZoneView was designed for the New Zealand Defence Force to support amphibious and nearshore operations, and is now available to coastguard, navy, research and coastal engineers.

helping you plan nearshore operations 

New Zealand Defence Award for SurfZoneView

MetOcean Solutions won the 2016 Minister of Defence Industry Awards of Excellence for the SurfZoneView software.


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