MetOcean Solutions, BENTOS and OMC International at the AAPA Convention 2018 in Valparaiso, Chile.

At the 107th American Association of Port Authorities Annual Convention next week, MetOcean Solutions together with recognised world-leader in real time under keel clearance management technology, OMC International, and local partner BENTOS will be presenting tailored solutions designed to increase safety and efficiency of marine operations.

“Together we have a skill set that allows us to provide comprehensive services, maximising the benefits to ports and harbours,” says Sébastien Boulay, MetOcean Solutions’ Business Development Scientist.

“The environmental conditions met by the ports along the Chilean coast are very similar to those in New Zealand. Our expertise of the oceanic conditions and their operational impact in the Southern Pacific, brought by decades of studying the New Zealand and Australia wave climates, is now available to the maritime industry in Chile for those willing to improve their operational safety and efficiency.”

The APPA Annual Convention is the largest port event in the Americas and this year is hosted by Port of Valparaíso and American Association of Ports Authorities, an alliance of ports from Canada, the Caribbean, Latin America and the United States. After several editions, the event returns to Latin America and for the first time it is held in South America on 7-10 October in Valparaíso, Chile, gathering key worldwide industry leaders to discuss the main port projects.

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