Meet us at New Zealand Seafood Industry Conference & Technical Day

This week, Prof Moninya Roughan is presenting the Moana Project at New Zealand Seafood Industry Conference & Technical Day in Wellington.

“NZ has recently experienced the worst marine heatwave on record, yet we know almost nothing about the magnitude and dynamics of the event, let alone the drivers and impacts,” says Prof Roughan. “Ocean circulation drives the transport of larvae, determines population connectivity and impacts fisheries recruitment, all of which are being impacted by ocean warming and changes in circulation patterns.”

“The comprehensive understanding of our marine environment, and the increased capability in ocean hydrodynamic observing and modelling, will help us evaluate threats and better manage fisheries, aquaculture, and the wider marine environment, and improve marine biosecurity, contributing to future-proofing our valuable seafood industries in the face of environmental change.”

The presentation on 'Ocean circulation, marine heatwaves and New Zealand seafood' discusses our understanding of NZ’s ocean circulation, the lack of fundamental knowledge of complex ocean dynamics, and the drivers and impacts of marine heatwaves.

New Zealand Seafood Industry Conference & Technical Day, hosted by Seafood New Zealand, is being held 1-2 August at Te Papa, Wellington. The conference is build around the theme 'Our people, our promise', representing an opportunity to discuss sustainability, innovation and environmentally responsible practices in the seafood industry.

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