Henrique Rapizo joins MetOcean Solutions


We are delighted to welcome Dr Henrique Rapizo to MetOcean Solutions. Henrique is a physical oceanographer and will be working in our science team in Raglan. As a wave modelling expert, he will be providing support to operational and consultancy projects at MetOcean Solutions.

Following an MSc in Ocean and Coastal Engineering at Rio de Janeiro Federal University, Brazil, Henrique has completed last year his PhD in Maritime Engineering and Physical Oceanography at Swinburne University of Technology,  Australia. His research was focused on interactions between wind-generated ocean waves with currents, including theoretical, observational and numerical approaches.

With a specialisation on wave-current interactions, Henrique`s research interests are also on coastal processes and dynamics, air-sea interactions,  wave-ocean numerical coupling and data analysis.

“MetOcean Solutions is one of the few companies in the world that unifies the fast pace and technical approach of operational procedures with very high scientific level,” says Henrique. “I am really excited to be part of such a qualified team and contribute to the development of the wave-ocean modelling products.”