Oscar Key joins MetOcean Solutions

We are very pleased to welcome Oscar Key to MetOcean Solutions. Oscar is a senior scientific developer and is part of our services and development team in Raglan. In his role, he will work on improving backend Application Programming Interface (API) capabilities at MetOcean Solutions.


With nearly ten years’ experience in a wide variety of fields, including yacht tracking, medical imaging and analysing financial data, Oscar is an exceptional programmer used to writing code under tight performance constraints.

Following a BSc (Honours I) in Computer Science at Otago University, Oscar has developed machine learning systems for large data search indices, as well as many APIs in C, C++, and Python. Along with the APIs themselves, he’s handled deployment and regression testing with Docker, Vagrant, and similar tools. His experience also involves embedded programming, protocol implementation, high-performance image processing, bytecode disassembly and reverse engineering, as well as GUI development.

“I'm looking forward to joining a great team,” says Oscar. “We'll be working hard together to improve MetOcean's APIs.”