Meet us at SIOP 2018 in Chile

Next week, Dr Aitana Forcén-Vázquez, MetOcean Solutions’ Technical Support Liaison, will be at the International Seminar of Engineering and Port Operations - SIOP 2018 in Chile.

“We are delighted to come for the second time to the International Seminar of Engineering and Port Operation, in its eighth edition, organised by ‘Empresa Portuaria Talcahuano San Vicente’,” says Aitana. “In this occasion, we will discuss about long waves and how its forecast helps port operations.

“We will discuss the challenges behind an accurate forecast and solutions we have been implementing on this side of the Pacific for the last 10 years.”


At the conference, Aitana will present ‘Long waves forecast supporting port operations’ in the ‘Natural and anthropic risks in port areas’ session.

Long waves cause problems in harbours and terminals in many ports around the world, including New Zealand and Chile. These waves can't be seen as they are usually masked by the sea and swell waves. Since 2005, MetOcean Solutions has been providing a specialist service to help port operators better manage long wave problems. Having studied long waves at more than 35 locations worldwide, Metocean’s science team has experience with every type of long wave-affected port, and has developed a range of effective forecasting solutions that are ready to deploy.

The SIOP 2018 is being held 7-9 November in Talcahuano, Chile. The conference is build around the theme ‘Ports for the future’, an opportunity to discuss strategies regarding the upcoming challenges in the port industry.

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