Mariana Cussioli joins MetOcean Solutions

We are delighted to welcome Dr Mariana Cussioli to MetOcean Solutions. Mariana is an oceanographer, specialising in coastal environments. She will be joining our marine project consultancy team, based in Raglan.


“Each of our scientists have their own scientific specialty and work interest. We continuously aim to diversify our overall team expertise whilst maintaining a strong coastal and ocean numerical modelling capability,” says MetOcean Solutions’ Marine Project Consultancy Manager Dr Alexis Berthot.

“We are really pleased to welcome Mariana to the team as her experience with a range of wave, current and sediment transport models and her solution-focused attitude will be a great asset for MetOcean.”

Following a MSc in Geological Oceanography at University of Sao Paulo, Brazil, Mariana recently completed her PhD in Coastal Oceanography at the University of Waikato, New Zealand. Her research was focused on dredge plume dynamics in ports and harbours to guide improvements in predictive models and the planning of dredging operations.

With expertise on hydrodynamics and sediment transport modelling, Mariana’s research interests concern the ecological effects of turbidity variations, wave modelling in estuarine areas and effects of waves and river discharge on coastal morphodynamics.

Mariana is excited to be joining MetOcean Solutions and to contribute to the marine project consultancy team:

“MetOcean is an amazing group of experts who are passionate about what they do. Through continuous development and collaboration with external partners and within our teams, the company delivers a wide range of solutions and is a reference point in the sector. It’s fantastic to be part of this organisation.”