The Moana Project - an atmosphere-ocean knowledge infrastructure for New Zealand

Expert oceanographers from New Zealand leading marine science organisations have joined forces in a proposal to improve our understanding of New Zealand ocean dynamics and the coastal zone. 

The proposal, detailed on the Moana Project website, was submitted to the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment's (MBIE's) Endeavour Fund in March this year. 

Details of the Moana Project are provided on

Details of the Moana Project are provided on

"New Zealand has one of the world’s largest oceans," says Prof Moninya Roughan, MetOcean Solutions' Chief Scientist who coordinated the proposal. "Our ocean provides vital social, cultural, economic and environmental benefits. To safeguard these benefits for future generations we need to understand how our ocean works. This understanding will help good management of our oceans in a future of global climate change."

The project brings together a team of leading oceanographers from New Zealand's top science organisations, who will work with international experts in the field. 

Science organisations involved include MetOcean Solutions, the Cawthron Institute, NIWA, and Auckland, Waikato, Otago and Massey Universities. The team will collaborate with international experts from Australia and the US. In addition, the Moana Project has support from a wide range of ocean-information end-users, including the New Zealand Defence Technology Agency, the fishing industry, New Zealand Aquaculture, the Ministry for Primary Industries and Waikato Regional Council.  

Dr Peter McComb will present an outline of the project at the New Zealand Marine Science Conference in Christchurch in July. 

MBIE is expected to make a decision on the funding in August 2017. 

News related to the project will be published on the Moana Project website