SwellMap turns ten!

MetOcean Solutions is proud to announce that SwellMap, our free marine recreational forecast website, has now been providing high resolution forecasts for ten years.

Launched in 2006, SwellMap was New Zealand's first dedicated recreational marine forecast website.

"We wanted to provide high quality forecasts for recreational users such as boaties and surfers" states Dr David Johnson, MetOcean Solutions' Technical Director and one of the originators of SwellMap. "We did this by using customised high resolution models rather than relying on global models like most other free recreational forecasts."

The SwellMap forecasts benefitted from MetOcean Solutions' commercial services as the technology developed for the commercial sector was transferred to recreational forecasts, continually improving them.

Since its inceptions, SwellMap has attracted a larger following of surfers, sailors and other boaties. SwellMap covers New Zealand, Indonesia, many locations in Australia and the Pacific, part of Europe and other select areas such as the Persian Gulf for which there are no other recreational marine forecasts. 

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SwellMap forecasts marine conditions for boaties and surfers.

SwellMap forecasts marine conditions for boaties and surfers.