Meet us at the ROMS Asia-Pacific workshop

MetOcean Solutions will be at the ROMS (Regional Ocean Modeling System) Asia-Pacific workshop in Hobart, Tasmania next week.

At the workshop, Dr Rafael Soutelino will present a poster detailing the research of Phellipe Couto, whose MSc he supervised. The study investigated coastal upwelling in Rio de Janeiro.

"In Rio in the summer the water temperatures associated with fine weather are normally quite cold," explains Phellipe. "Warmer water comes with cold fronts - a pattern well known by regular beach-goers in the region. The research investigated anomalous behaviours, where the the circulation reverses, bringing warmer than usual waters regardless of the local weather regime, a treat for holiday-makers which also has biogeochemical implications for local ecosystems and fisheries."

ROMS was used for most of the work, and Phellipe continues his modelling career at MetOcean Solutions where he is now working. 

The workshop, which will run October 17-20, is hosted at the Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies, University of Tasmania in Hobart. It is jointly sponsored by the Antarctic Climate & Ecosystem CRC and the ARC Antarctic Gateway Partnership.

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A mechanism for the disruption of Rio's upwelling explained

A mechanism for the disruption of Rio's upwelling explained