MetOcean Solutions enters strategic alliance with OMC International

The Strategic Alliance will help provide maximum benefits to port clients.

The Strategic Alliance will help provide maximum benefits to port clients.

MetOcean Solutions have signed a strategic alliance with Melbourne firm OMC International. The two companies plan to coordinate research and development efforts and offer an expanded level of maritime forecasting and hydrodynamic services to port and harbour clients.

“We are excited to announce the strategic alliance", says Dr Peter McComb, the Managing Director of MetOcean Solutions. "We believe that aligning the ongoing research and development of our two companies will maximise the benefits to our clients.” 

OMC International is the recognised world-leader in real time under keel clearance management technology, offering services for port clients around the world. MetOcean Solutions has worked extensively with OMC International in the past 10 years, providing marine forecasts and modelling services for some of OMC International's client ports. The strategic alliance expands the existing working relationship, and enables the two companies to provide additional services to clients.

“This is a positive step toward creating the next generation of marine services to ports and harbours. We are very pleased about the partnership and are looking forward to working together," states Dr McComb.

Combined, OMC International and MetOcean Solutions employ more than 80 staff, including engineers, naval architects, scientists and software developers.

Founded in 2005, MetOcean Solutions is a science-based consultancy that provides specialist numerical modelling and analytical services in meteorology and oceanography. The company has a solid track record providing high quality environmental data and expert interpretation to meet the rigorous requirements of the offshore and maritime industries as well as regulatory, defence and government agencies.