MetOceanView (MOV) is an innovative web-based portal that provides a robust platform to access, monitor and manipulate weather information at a high resolution domain for port operations.

Traditional marine forecasts cover a large sea area, are often inadequate for port operations. MetOceanView provides 7 days detailed weather guidance, extended by another 7days, long range weather forecast. By customising  to necessary and appropriate domains, we resolve local oceanographic features and complexity. MetOceanView provides accurate prediction of wave energy, along entrance channels and inside ports and harbours. This is particularly useful when planning for vessel mooring configurations.

MetOceanView has been developed with consultation from 13 ports in New Zealand.
Using state-of-the-art codes (WaveWatch3, SWAN and WRF) run in-house on, the system is backed by a powerful forecasting architecture. This enables us to configure and run a high resolution wave model exclusively for each port’s unique topography and features.

MetOceanView is easy to acess and use :

  • 7 day forecast
  • High resolution maps showing; wave height, direction, period, wind speed and direction
  • Graphs and tables showing wind, wave, tide, tropical storm and visibility conditions
  • Web-based, 24/7 access
  • Email reports to distributed users
  • Updated 4 times a day
  • User-defined hazard alerts
  • Custom surge forecasts

MetOceanView forecast users:
Activities such as dredging, survey, berth maintenance or construction typically require low energy conditions for safe execution. MOV forecasts are used by harbourmasters, port pilots, mooring officers, wharfingers and port engineers to assist in the following;

  • Minimise weather downtime
  • Schedule shipping movement
  • Optimise berth use and reduce cargo transit delays
  • Plan for maintenance and berth closures
  • Be aware of hazardous conditions of coast
  • Forecast long wave and surging conditions
  • Monitor and predict for dynamic underkeel clearence

Secure and optimise your port operations with MetOceanView specialised marine forecasts.

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Preview demo of port scale forecast of Port Taranaki, New Zealand here.

View MetOceanView information pdf here.