Providing detailed, reliable weather forecast data and emergency response services, anywhere on earth.

MetOceanView (MOV) is a dedicated web portal, providing detailed weather forecast  to guide operations of the offshore industry. With reliable guidance, offshore operators can plan and schedule work, vessel, crew and other operations more safely and efficiently, while working at sea.

MetOceanView’s forecast are update are presented as maps, table and graphs over the 7-14 day horizon. Automated updates are provided 4 times per day and delivered via email and ftp. Users can also access MetOceanView’s web portal to monitor and manipulate parameters and view weather mapped into graphic format.

MetOceanView service includes:

  • Waves, winds and currents
  • Rain, visibility, thunderstorm
  • Tidal prediction interface
  • Vessel motion and kinematics
  • Ensembles and skewT plots
  • Forecast parameters on scalable maps
  • Satellite imagery
  • Integration of measured real time data
  • Historical data download
  • User specified hazard levels

MetOcean offshore forecasts assists:

  • survey planning for sesmic acquisition
  • heavy lifts for crane and vessel operations
  • construction and maintenance schedule offshore
  • FPSO/ FSO operations
  • wet and dry tows

MetOceanView forecasts:

  • offers a robust global service
  • can be rapidly customised to suit individual offshore project requirements
  • reduce unplanned downtime from adverse weather conditions

Additional services:

Our oceanographers are experienced and have provided expert weather guidance to the offshore industry on numerous installation, construction, survey and offshore emergency situations. This expertise can be contracted for occasions when specialist weather interpretation is required.


View demo of MetOceanView.