We specialise in rapid delivery of site-specific offshore climate data to support geophysical survey, exploration and construction operations, for any location worldwide.
Using a database of hindcast data and remotely-sensed weather parameters, a robust analytical and quantitative assessment of metocean conditions can be made for anywhere on Earth.
Our site metocean reports include:

  • Atmospherics
  • Waves and winds
  • Currents and tides

The following analyses are included in our standard site report:

  • Monthly and annual wave height statistics
  • Monthly and annual wave height exceedance tables
  • Operational downtime estimates based on wave height persistence exceedance and non-exceedance (monthly or seasonal)
  • Return period wave height extrema (seasonal or annual)
  • Joint probability distributions of wave height, wave period, and wave direction
  • Monthly and annual wind speed statistics and joint probability of wind speed and wind direction seasonal characterisation
  • Tidal range and parameters (elevation and currents)
  • Total current statistics and joint probability of speed and direction
  • Co-linearity and coincidence of environmental forces

The typical delivery time for a site-specific metocean report is 2 weeks.