Vessel motion and kinematics forecasting predicts specific wind and waves, solving the non-linear effects of weather to ship motions. This capability is developed upon MetOceanView’s forecast portal technology, which integrates various models, measurements and marine forecast, to serve as a complete environmental forecast system.

Vessels and offshore operators employ MetOceanView forecast service as a key environmental guidance and decision support system.

Our motion forecast offers 7 day prediction of significant heave, pitch and roll, identifying dominant wind and swell. Data is presented in graphs and vessel motion rose diagram.

Motion forecasting assist operators to:

  • identify critical environmental conditions for safe operations
  • make informed decisions for onboard and ship-to-ship operations
  • plan ahead for material and personnel movement, crane operations and cargo handling
  • minimise motions and mooring line tensions
  • damage avoidance and potential fuel and emissions savings