A high resolution, reliable weather forecast service with hazard warning and emergency response facilities.
Delivered through the MetOceanView (MOV) web portal, this system is built on a suite of sophisticated oceanographic and atmospheric forecast models. Most of the guidance is run in-house, allowing increased resolution, nesting and ensemble forecasting to be implemented as required. The result is a robust global service that can be rapidly customised to suit individual site requirements.

Automated forecast updates:

  • Provided 4 times per day
  • Delivered via email, ftp or via the MetOceanView web site
  • Guidance is presented as maps, tables and graphs
  • 7-14 day forecast horizon

The standard service includes:

  • Forecast parameters on scalable maps
  • Satellite imagery
  • Integration of measured real time data
  • Historical data download
  • User specified hazard levels (e.g. storm surge plus wave height plus tide)
  • Waves, winds and currents
  • Storm surge
  • Rain, visibility, thunderstorm
  • Tidal prediction interface
  • Ensembles and skewT plots

View demo of MOV.