We provide a rapid, easy access web-based oil spill and general trajectory forecasting service. The Emergency Response Interface (ERI) allows responders to enter the time, location and details of an oil spill or incident. The latest wind and current forecasts are used to predict trajectory at hourly increments out to a 7-day horizon, including interaction with the coast and beaching.Trajectory results are delivered within minutes.

This service was used by New Zealand authorities following the grounding of the Rena  cargo vessel in October 2011. ERI was the primary forecasting tool for oil spill modelling and trajectory of floating and submerged containers.

A real time forecast trajectory is also available for pre-selected locations and facilities, with spill simulations updated every 6 hours and the results displayed on the MOV website. This provides responders with an instant forecast of the trajectory and dispersal characteristics should an event occur. MetOcean Solutions offer training and a call-out service for technical support during an emergency.
Emergency Response Interface on MOV:

  • Real-time oil spill trajectory forecasts
  • Web-based tools
  • File download for use in GNOME or OILMAP
  • Can be adapted for SAR or other plume trajectory simulation

Scenario modelling of oil spill, produced water or drill cuttings dispersal can be provided for any location worldwide.