MetOcean Solutions scientific and development team has devoted many years of R&D to present innovative forecast solutions and services to our clients.

An extensive suite of in-house state-of-the-art numerical guidance allows accurate, high resolution forecasts to be provided at the exact location where the information is needed.
We specialise in:

  • Offshore forecasts
  • Port forecasts
  • Coastal forecast
  • Route forecast
  • Trajectory forecast
  • Vessel motion forecasts

The end user forecasts are highly detailed yet presented in an easy to understand format, available 24/7 by web access or auto email updated every 6 hours.

  • Data resolution is customised to the most appropriate spatial scale for the location.
  • Web login allows information access to your entire operational team.
  • Derived products that relate forecast data to specific operational issues.
  • Hourly data to 7 days ahead, plus long range guidance.
  • Full access to ensembles and real time observations.