Global and regional wave hindcast datasets are available to provide site specific timeseries of spectral parameters or full directional spectra. Gridded spectral wave parameters can be provided for use as GIS type layers or summary maps of regional conditions.

Regional hindcasts for which data is immediately available:

Region Period Longitude Latitude Resolution°
Global 1979-2011 0°E to 360ºE 77.5°S to 77.5°N 0.5
Bass Strait 1979-2009 142.5°E to 151°E 43°S  to 37°S 0.033
East Australia 1979-2009 135°E to 155°E 45°S to 9°S 0.1666
NW Australia 1989-2009 112.5°E to 122.5°E 23°S to 16°S 0.0875
NZ 1998-2011 165°E to 180°E 48°S to 33°S 0.05
North Sea 1998-2009 3.5°W to 8.5°E 48.5°N to 59.5°N 0.05
Persian Gulf 1998-2009 47.5°E to 58°E 23.5°N to 31°N 0.033
West Africa 1998-2009 0°E to 13°E 7°S to 7°N 0.1

Our global hindcast has full spectra for over 40000 locations worldwide, including all coastal areas within 100 nmi of the shoreline. Using a novel technique for fine-scaling the global data to incorporate local changes of depth and sheltering, we can provide local timeseries of full 2D wave spectra for anywhere on the planet.

We can also provide full spectral boundary conditions from our global model for use in SWAN or WaveWatch. By including a gridded wind field product, you immediately have the inputs for your own regional or local hindcast implementation.