The MetOcean Solutions science team has many years of experience in collecting and processing oceanographic, meteorological and geophysical data – at locations from inside the surf zone and out to edge of the continental shelf. Our expertise includes large scale offshore data collection programs, as well as high energy coastal situations.

Typical project applications:

  • Offshore conditions
  • Wind field analysis
  • Harbour long waves
  • Storm events
  • Wastewater outfalls
  • Wave climates studies
  • Renewable energy resource assessments

We measure:

  • Waves using waverider buoys, puv meters, ultra-sound, radar and pressure sensors
  • Currents using ADP, ADCP, single point meters, near bed and near surface probes
  • Sediment transport with tracer, traps and OBS
  • Seabed characteristics with sidescan sonar, single and multibeam survey, surficial grab and towed sampling, subsurface coring, dropped and towed video imagery
  • Benthic ecology with dropped video, grab sampling, diver surveys
  • Winds using multilevel sensors on buoys, satellite scatterometers, met stations

Standard analytical processing techniques are:

  • Time domain and zero-down-crossing analyses
  • Spectral and frequency domain analyses
  • Wavelet analyses
  • Persistence exceedence and non-exceedence matrices
  • Joint probability distributions
  • Return period values and extrema
  • Tidal analysis and predictions