State-of-the-art numerical models to simulate coastal, oceanographic and atmospheric processes:

  • 2D and 3D hydrodynamic solutions for tidal, wave-driven, wind-driven or regional low-frequency flows can be applied to regional or local scale geographies. Operational forecasting and hindcasting of tidal, wind and pressure driven flows is carried out using POM.
  • Wave generation, propagation, and transformation – from the open-ocean to within ports and harbours, we use SWAN, WW3, CGWAVE and FUNWAVE.
  • Dispersion and transport of sediments, pollutants and objects are studied using lagrangian particle solutions. We use the GNOME oil spill model, integrated with our current models, to carry out oil spill impact studies and provide realtime emergency response.
  • Atmospheric processes with WRF (forecast and hindcast) and CALMET.
  • Coastal morphology evolutions with our version of NCOM.
  • Current modelling
  • Wave modelling
  • Dispersion modelling
  • Oil spill probability density distribution