MetOcean and MetService join forces for international growth

MetOcean Solutions Ltd is pleased to announce that the Meteorological Service of New Zealand (MetService) has invested in a 49% shareholding in the company. MetService is a state owned enterprise based in Wellington, with 240 employees in New Zealand, Australia, Asia and Europe. They are a global leader in providing weather information services that contribute to the bottom line of … Continue reading

New modelling system

New modeling system helps predict movement of oil spills and ocean pests around our coast

A project being carried out for the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) by MetOcean Solutions Ltd is allowing the Ministry to more accurately predict how oil spills and marine pests may move around our coastline. New Zealand has a highly-diverse marine environment that is influenced by rapidly evolving weather systems and a complex coastline.  This makes predicting the movement of … Continue reading


High resolution hindcast opens new scope for air quality modelling

The new 33 year atmospheric hindcast offers new scope for those wishing to carry out air quality studies with Lagrangian Trajectory modelling, to forecast the outcome of an atmospheric release, or to diagnose the source of any detected contaminant. The hindcast also provides a way of obtaining suitable meteorological data, to drive a Steady State Gaussian model in data sparse … Continue reading


High-resolution atmospheric hindcast of New Zealand – Data now available

A 33-year atmospheric hindcast for New Zealand was completed in May 2012, and high resolution information is now available for research and consultancy projects. The data are at hourly increments and span the period from 1979 to 2011. It is envisaged that this historical information will provide an invaluable resource to engineers and scientists for environmental investigations and climate analysis. … Continue reading


MetOcean Solutions awarded Wind farm contract

After a 3 month trial, MetOcean Solutions has been awarded a contract to supply wind forecasts to a European wind farm. The forecast system relies on high resolution atmospheric modelling together with statistical post-processing from data being assimilated from measured wind. There had been significant modelling, process testing efforts to find the correct balance between physical and statistical modelling for … Continue reading


SwellMap surfing into

As the country’s sixth most visited website and number one national weather website, reaches over 300,000 unique visitors a week and attracts a broad segment of users. has been providing marine weather to boating and marine enthusiasts for the last seven years, since 2005. The team at MetOcean Solutions is delighted to be recognised by MetService and collaborate … Continue reading


Simulating oil spill of stranded cargo ship Rena

MetOcean Solutions Ltd has been supplying regular spill trajectory forecasts for the Rena incident. Rena, a Liberia-flagged 235m vessel ran aground at Astrolabe Reef, off the Bay of Plenty, New Zealand shoreline at approximately 2.20 am on the 5th of October, 2011. Heavy fuel oil was seen to be leaking from the vessel on Wednesday morning. Following the initial release … Continue reading


New web services for displaying forecasts

We have recently developed new web based services for delivering weather forecast data in an easy and intuitive way. These services are designed to seamlessly integrate into existing web pages and GIS applications. WXTiles A free service called WXTiles offers forecast overlays for existing GoogleMaps or OpenLayers web pages. Anyone can sign-up and add weather forecasts to their own websites. … Continue reading