Reliable data and expert interpretation

MetOcean Solutions Ltd provides high quality environmental data and analytical / numerical services to the maritime and offshore industries. As a science-based consultancy, we use the latest tools and techniques to help our clients make sound decisions and maximise operational efficiencies.

A world-class team of scientists

MetOcean Solution’s team of dedicated, experienced scientists and numerical modellers are multi-disciplined. We have expertise in oceanography, meteorology, atmospheric physics, acoustic signal processing and fluid dynamics. Based in New Zealand, this international team has worked on projects and data analysis world-wide.

Latest science with practical applications

With a strong focus on scientific research and innovation, MetOcean has an ongoing investment in technology to develop new tools and applications to deal with real-world problems. These outcomes are successful due to a robust understanding of the physical marine environment, and comprehensive project experience .

Weather forecast capability

A suite of state-of-the-art oceanographic and atmospheric models allow detailed forecast services to be generated for any location, area and route. Our system provides forecast data exactly where you need it:

  • Customised domains offering high resolution wave, tide, wind and current prediction.
  • Detailed information for offshore facilities and shipping routes.
  • Emergency Repsonse Interface to extract forecast data for oil spill simulations.
  • Configured to whatever scale required resolving the wave energy gradients:
    • behind an island;
    • throughout an oil field;.
    • along a shipping channel and into a harbour entrance to the berth;
    • Data delivered via email, ftp or web site login.
  • Trajectory and dispersal
  • Vessel motion
  • Weather waiting and downtime analysis

Numerical modeling capability

Hindcast data sets of up to 33 years duration provide a powerful tool for analysing waves, winds and currents. These data have been used on a wide range of projects, including offshore engineering and design, drilling, renewable energy, coastal engineering, outfalls and harbour studies. Data can be supplied as time-series or gridded format with:

  • Directional wave spectra
  • Spectral estimates (e.g. Hs, Tp, Dir)
  • Sea / swell splits and kinematics
  • Wind speed and direction
  • Tidal elevations
  • 2D and 3D currents driven by tides and wind MSL’s modelling capability includes:
    • Atmospheric processes (WRF and CALMET)
    • Wave generation, propagation and transformation (WW3, SWAN, CGWAVE & FUNWAVE).
    • 2D and 3D hydrodynamic solutions for tidal, wave-driven, wind-driven or regional low-frequency flows for regional or local scale geographies (POM, SELFE, GERRIS, ROMS).
    • Sediment transport (NCOM, DEFLT3D)

While data are available from existing global and regional domains, we can rapidly establish a high-resolution nested domain on request.

Our clients

Offshore operators, oil and gas, regulatory authorities, navies, coastguard, ports and harbours, engineering and construction, geophysical survey, shipping and environment agencies.